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Ghostwriting for Your Clients: How to Get Their Style

Ghostwriting has become an increasingly popular form of copywriting, especially common in business blog writing. How do ghostwriters take on the attributed company’s voice, and what steps should be taken to ensure a cohesive, authentic product for the client? Below we explore the art of ghostwriting and tips for success for all who engage in […]


Recognize, Refuel, Refocus: Keeping Your Body — and Business — Healthy

The old adage “you are what you eat” applies to more than just your body’s health. What foods are inhibiting your work performance, and what changes can you make to bolster your personal and professional wellbeing? The FDA has approved approximately 3,000 food additives, preservatives, and colorings; the average person ingests 150 pounds of these […]


People — Not Just Companies — Need Brands: What’s Yours?

What do you want to be remembered for? What is it you strive to communicate every day? What punchy adjectives would others use to describe you? Answering these may seem like you’re writing a eulogy — and in a way that’s not a bad comparison. People want to be remembered for their best qualities, and […]


Is It Possible to be a Digital Expert?

When I hear the phrase “digital expert”, I’ll be honest—I’m left scratching my head. In this context, what is “digital”, and how can you be an expert in it? You can be an expert in marketing, finance, technology or operations/logistics, but how can you be an expert in ‘digital’? It would seem that the word […]


Validating Your SEO Strategy

I don’t want to give you visions of your 5th grade math teacher right now, but when it comes to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you have to check your work. Validating your SEO strategy is important, because time passes. Your digital presence evolves, the market evolves, and your content changes to reflect all of […]


Is Online Influencer Outreach Necessary, or Overrated?

We all know how time-consuming digital content marketing can be. There are only so many hours in the day that you can spend promoting your brand on social media, and only so many dollars you can pay someone else to do it for you. Online influencer outreach presents an opportunity to broaden your digital content […]


Would You Benefit from Leadership Coaching?

Rarely do we achieve success in a vacuum. Most often, we have a cast of supporters and mentors to credit for our achievements. Mentors play a crucial role in helping us envision our success and pursue it with passion, and these relationships are borne of personal or professional connections that have strengthened over the years. […]


Discovering Your Brand DNA

What does your brand stand for? Which values matter most to you? What do you care about, and why do you do what you do? These may seem like odd questions in a consumer-driven market. But if you aren’t sure, your customers won’t be sure either. All of the marketing strategy in the world cannot […]


Why it’s Important to Establish Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

No one likes a know-it-all, but everyone needs an expert. The digital marketplace has empowered consumers to research, learn, and compare all on their own. So much choice, however, can leave even the savviest among us feeling overwhelmed. Establishing yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) is the key to projecting your professionalism and setting […]


Branded Content

When you hear the phrase “branded content,” you may think of cheesy jingles or sponsorship billboards at your nearby little league field. But the twenty-first century world of branded content is a world apart, ripe with opportunities to create branded content in digital and physical spaces and across multiple platforms.   Branded content exists in […]

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