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Oreo’s viral Superbowl tweet: Striking while the iron is hot

Watching the Superbowl is an American tradition and this year’s game between the 49ers and the Ravens was no different. What was different about this year’s Big Game, however, was the surprise power outage, which left about half the Superdome in the dark for a half hour. During the blackout, the social media team for […]


A Healthy Social Media Strategy

Your Social Media Strategy For marketers, social media represents a big change. And as in any big change, reactions tend to be a bit bipolar: I see some of my fellow marketers digging in their heels, clinging tightly to traditional strategies and hoping that the social media frenzy will die down. Others have become evangelists, […]


How To Measure Your Marketing

Customers who buy from you follow a journey. It’s a journey that’s getting more complicated and complex as online marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing all come into the mix, but it is still a journey that goes through a series of fairly well-known phases. There is the (1) awareness phase, when a prospect […]


Should You Include Digital Signage in Your Media Planning?

In the world of marketing, digital signage is the new kid on the block–literally. As flat screen monitors have gotten less expensive and video and graphics software has gotten better, digital signs have started popping up all over the place, replacing traditional printed posters, menus, schedule boards, etc.  There’s a good chance you have experienced […]


Does Social Media Makes Sense for B2B Marketers?

Social media is becoming more pervasive every day. The one billion plus users on Facebook is testimony to that. Because we work with many B2B brands, we are often asked if social media is really relevant to a B2B marketing strategy. I think the answer is unquestionably yes. There are many reasons for this (which […]


Marketing to Today’s Buyers

The other day I went shopping with my 16-year old niece.  We have done this many times. She loves it because I am not her Mom, I am happy to have her friends along for the ride and she seems to value my opinion. But in this case, we never left the house, I never […]


Online Marketing—Getting Back to Basics

Back in the day, when direct marketing (i.e., direct mail or today, derisively, “snail mail”) was a primary way to solicit customers, the very real costs of copywriting, design, printing, postage, managing the mailing etc. gave marketers pause. Typically, this meant that any new initiative would have started with an ROI calculation: x pieces to […]


Five Keys to Successful B2B Marketing

Today’s B2B marketers have a lot of tools at their disposal.  However, not all tools are created equal.  And many marketers are confused by which strategies to employ.  Should they emulate B2C marketers or should they use very different approaches.  You will find that there is a little bit of truth to both of those. […]

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