ondemandCMO isn’t just any marketing agency. We are a team of CMO’s with strong business acumen who deliver actionable marketing programs that grow businesses. We help simplify the complex and create compelling content to generate customer engagement.

We create smart, insightful and impactful marketing
that will help you achieve your goals, period.

Why we get out of bed

When the solution to your problem becomes apparent and we hear the client say,
“Hmm, I never thought of that before.” That is a tremendously satisfying moment!

Monique DeMaio and Steve Facini


Our team has completed hundreds of
results-driven marketing and sales enablement assignments for clients ranging from Fortune 100 to start-ups.
Bring us your challenges and let’s solve them together

  • Monique deMaio - onDemand CMO

    Monique de Maio

    Founder & CMO

  • Steve Facini - onDemand CMO

    Steven (Steve) Facini

    Managing Director & CMO

  • Joe Kelly - onDemand CMO

    Joseph (Joe) Kelly

    Director & CMO

  • Kendra DeBree

    Director of Marketing & Operations

  • Brianna Scott

    Creative Director

  • Nicolas (Nic) Scott

    Developer & Production Director

  • Sarah Christie


  • Lisa Valladares

    Marketing & Analytics Director