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Add Video to Your Marketing Plan

Many of our clients are seriously thinking about video. It seems that folks are wondering how to add video as a regular part of their marketing activities. The first thing you should know about incorporating video is that it can be an expensive endeavor. There is a large upfront investment required in terms of time, […]


3 Keys to Customer Service & Relationships

No matter whether you are living through a pandemic, or not, or what your industry is—if there are human beings on any end of the transaction—you will always, always, always need to nail your customer service to succeed. I follow a set of three rules religiously to take question marks completely out of the equation so […]


Marketing During the COVID Re-Opening

How Investing in Marketing Now Makes for a Stronger Re-Opening Tomorrow Economics has always been full of give and takes, ebbs and flows, supply and demand. COVID-19 has had a shattering effect on the global economy, and now — three months and counting into this pandemic — small businesses around the world are slowly opening […]


5 Ways to Market Your Business During COVID-19

This unprecedented time has presented many business leaders, especially small business owners, with an impossible question: how do you market services when your nonessential business has shut down? Unless your business is in the food, healthcare, or banking industries, chances are you, like millions of Americans, have been forced to just wait this out. The […]


5 Ways to Ensure Your Holiday Marketing Stands Out

Ever since Black Friday, your inbox has been inundated with holiday deals, end-of-year sales, and unbeatable discounts. But how do you make your brand, and product, stand out when so many voices are competing for your time and dime? The holidays are an exciting and hectic time for small businesses, and it’s never been more […]


When it Comes to Branding, Different is Better than Better

On this blog, I’d discussed the value of branding and how it strengthens unifies your mission, ethos, and goals. But for all its unifying powers, how should your brand also make your company different? Standing out is not a bad thing, especially if you can make your brand singular and memorable. Below, I dive into […]


How to Engage Your Channel Marketing Weekly: Part 2

Last week, we dove into some suggestions for staying top of mind with your channel reps and partners by digging deeper into channel marketing engagement. We looked at the benefits of harnessing both digital and face-to-face communication to connect and increase brand awareness among your channel reps. This week, let’s take a fresh look at […]


How to Engage Your Channel Marketing Weekly: Part 1

For the next two posts, I’d like to focus in on a business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy: channel marketing. If you produce a good that needs to be distributed by someone other than you, then you’re well aware of the challenges that come along with promoting your product to other businesses in order to reach potential […]


Six Ways to Quickly Grow Your E-List

In our paperless world, a sturdy e-list is this generation’s rolodex. Having key customers, influencers, and a wide range of clients on your ever-expanding e-list is vital to seeing your brand recognition and small company grow. But how do you build upon this list, and — more importantly — how do you make sure the right, […]


2019 Q2 Spotlight: Brendon Burchard

In this series, we will feature a popular marketer, inspirational speaker, or small business owner every financial quarter, marking the four that make up a calendar year. We’ll share their savvy quotes, golden tips, and more ways to access the most sought-after tastemakers in the marketing world. To kick off Q2, meet writer and speaker […]

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