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We’ve looked into what defines a brand — and how the personal and professional are more interconnected than we may think. But something that is easily forgotten is how every brand is inspired by ingredients from another; all great thinkers borrow and repurpose. Universal themes pervade our lives, work, and brands: we each strive for boldness, intellect, care. What makes us unique are the shades in our personalities and the individual values we hold dear.

To give you an inside look into my aesthetic, I am happy to share some of my favorite content — media, books, and more — that define my personal compass and act as my brand’s north star. Spend some time indulging in each of these great outlets, ruminate on their discussions, and then harness the unique palate of your own personal brand.

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard
Aptly enough, the subtitle of Brendon Burchard’s landmark book is “How Extraordinary People Become That Way.” This #1 New York Times bestseller provides habits that pave the way for the fullest and healthiest version of yourself, but if you’re not one with time to read, don’t worry: Burchard also speaks regularly on engaging podcasts, and gives amazing in-person conferences like his High Performance Academy.  I went, and loved it!

Podcasts and videos from Mel Robbins
Mel Robbins has long been an inspiration for me. Her famed five-second rule — where, when a stellar idea comes on, you have five seconds to pursue it or your brain defuses it — is a credo on proactivity, ambition, and impulse. Her podcasts are informative and motivational, and her mantra of “stop wishing, start doing” is something we can all relate to.   Her book, The 5 Second Rule is an easy read.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
A classic novel, The Alchemist veers more into literary territory while still providing self-help lessons. Rich in symbolism, this international bestseller’s main theme is finding one’s destiny, something I greatly responded to and treasured in my reading.

How to Make Sh*t Happen by Sean Whalen
Just like Brendon Burchard’s book, Sean Whalen’s has an equally zesty subtitle: “Make more money. Get in better shape. Create epic relationships. Control your life. Do it now.” What I appreciate about this book is it understands that healthy relationships are tied to a healthy professional life which is tied to a healthy mind. It all intersects; we must care for and empower ourselves on a holistic level, and this book brings the chaos of our daily lives to a controlled but freeing order.

The Toxin That Came to Dinner by David Sandoval
Mind and body are forever linked, and I’m a firm believer in you are — and you feel like — what you eat. David Sandoval’s revolutionary book examines the dangers of glyphosate and its effects on the human mind. This book made me look anew at the foods I purchase, cook, and eat, and how I can find mental solace and physical strength in a nutritional diet.

If you’re looking to broaden, sharpen, or even begin articulating your personal brand, I’m proud to offer three-month or six-session packages to help savvy business leaders and newcomers alike harness their unlocked potential. Give me a call, and let’s start reshaping the future, today!

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