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Ongoing Customer and Client Communications

In soccer, they say communication is the twelfth player. A field has eleven players on each side, but communication — the twelfth player — is perhaps most vital to a team’s success. Players need to know where teammates are heading, what to look out for, and who to guard. Communication is the glue binding the […]


Content is Not Only King—it’s the Key to Your Marketing Success

Recently, my agency did an industry survey asking people we knew—specifically those responsible for marketing—to tell us what was of greatest concern for them in the upcoming year. The top three concerns were email marketing, website marketing, and content marketing, followed closely by thought leadership.  They all have one thing in common: content—the key to your marketing success!   What […]


Forward-Thinking Thought Leadership & Content Marketing

Your company’s public image is an important one to maintain. But when people think about public image, consumers and business leaders alike might have a short-sighted view: it’s not just ribbon-cutting ceremonies or how you come back from a public relations nightmare; it’s much more. Your public image, and — in essence — your brand, […]


Insider Tips for Using ebooks in Your Content Marketing

There’s no denying the appeal of ebooks: sleek and lightweight, these can live on your iPad or Kindle and are so popular that they even outsell physical books on Amazon. While a major moneymaker for publishers, ebooks also have great applications for your marketing strategy. So what are the advantages of ebooks, and how can […]


The Importance of Social Media

It’s amazing to consider the power social media has. In some ways — because of how integrated and omnipresent social media is in our lives — it can be hard to reflect on; it’s like the air we breathe, always there but never given a second thought. A decade ago, LinkedIn was a resume database, […]


Building a Strong Digital Presence

If the pandemic has taught businesses anything, it’s that a strong digital presence is paramount to success. With more shopping, digital engagement, and even “live” arts performances happening online, it couldn’t be truer that the next frontier isn’t just brick-and-mortar storefronts but also the vast, ever-evolving universe that is the Internet.    Today, there are […]


Five Tips for Using Email as a Lead Generating Machine

No channel has revolutionized ecommerce as strongly as email. Sure, social media has proved a more recent titan in driving online sales, but when it comes to efficiency, ease, and return on investment, email marketing B2B lead generation cannot be rivaled. The challenge is wielding email, a lead generating machine, correctly. How many emails do […]


Strategic Planning & Sales/Marketing Integration

Any business person worth their salt will tell you that strategic marketing and booming sales are as strongly correlated as ice cream purchases and summer weather. Behind every solid product, sales sensation, and commercial movement is a smart, timely, and well-thought-out marketing campaign. This is a simple enough concept to grasp, but it’s harder to […]


Leveraging Premium Content: A How-To Guide for Marketers

There are two truths to premium content: there is nothing harder for marketers than crafting it, and it’s also the key that unlocks the greatest rewards. The flow of content should be three things: consistent, inventive, and high-quality. How hard could it be?   The hard truth is…it’s not easy, but also consider how enriching […]


Positioning & Messaging: Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

One of the most difficult parts of marketing your company is articulating its vision — and making it stand out. In your head, everything makes sense: you understand the product, who it’s meant to serve, and what sets it apart. But consumers aren’t telepathic; truth be told, what you see in your mind might be […]


The Value of Mindfulness to Your Business

It’s so easy to start our day on our computer, checking email and diving into the day’s work. Because of this, the power (and importance) of living in the moment is often overlooked — and it shouldn’t be. While mindfulness can be important to our mental health and personal lives, it is also vital for […]

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