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If the pandemic has taught businesses anything, it’s that a strong digital presence is paramount to success. With more shopping, digital engagement, and even “live” arts performances happening online, it couldn’t be truer that the next frontier isn’t just brick-and-mortar storefronts but also the vast, ever-evolving universe that is the Internet. 


Today, there are a myriad of ways in which businesses can tout their products, elicit sales, and engage with customers online. There are almost too many ways to participate digitally, and so the key to properly marketing your business might not be dabbling in every online channel, but participating in the correct ones. You’ll want to work smarter, not harder — save money, and put your time into efforts that are more likely to pay off.


An efficient part of your digital footprint is that it’s easy to measure: analytics, site views, and social engagement are all easily quantifiable. Still, many companies might not be taking the steps needed to ensure a strong digital presence, which immediately correlates to increased sales and a more loyal audience. To self-diagnose and learn how you can get a better handle on your digital marketing, see if any of the below statements pertain to your company:


Our Website Doesn’t Have a Blog

A blog fulfills two vital functions: it lets you communicate the story of your company and offers endless fodder for online content to share via email, on social media, and more. If your company is without a blog or some kind of page-sharing articles, press releases, or content from your company, you are missing an enormous opportunity to keep your website up-to-date (which helps increase SEO and visitorship). Each company’s blog can function differently, but staff Q&As, behind-the-scenes content, and insightful pieces into how products are made or materials are sourced can all be strong starting points to engage your audience and make them feel a part of your brand. Additionally, the updating of content on your website tells the search engines (let’s face it, pretty much Google) that you have news, you have updated content and that they should continue to ‘’check in’’ with you (helping your overall search rankings) continuously so the world doesn’t miss your important NEW content!


We Don’t Do Keyword Analysis

You’re posting on your website and on social media often — that’s a great place to start! Up the ante by conducting keyword analysis. Research what phrases and words your competitors are using, and hire an SEO professional to get a sense of how the market is behaving and what would-be clients are searching for. It’s not enough to have beefy articles, multiple web pages, or a lot of copy on your website; you also have to think about this verbiage strategically to attract the right clientele.


We’re Not Creating Video Content

The appetite for video content skyrocketed during COVID, and that trend does not seem to be fading anytime soon. With more people at home, we’re all searching for a quick, engaging video to enjoy over our lunch or on a work break. Create branded videos that tell the story of your institution, introduce products, and provide VIP, behind-the-scenes footage. A video can offer customers a window into your world, and can also serve multiple purposes. Create various forms of the same video to spin out more content: a 15-second version might be good for Twitter, a 30-second one for Instagram, and a longer one for YouTube and Facebook.


Our E-List Hasn’t Grown

Your email blast list is the water in your well — the names on your list are who you go out to when you have a product to sell, an announcement to make, and an exclusive deal to share. If your e-list is plateauing, it might be an indicator that your online presence isn’t up to snuff. It should be very easy for your audience to sign up for your e-list. A pop-up on your website homepage might invite visitors to do so, and you should have a separate page on your site for that purpose as well that is also connected to your linktree. Now and then, generate content that entices newbies to sign up: offer a discount for people who sign up, and immediately send them that discount while your brand is top of mind.


A strong digital presence is directly tied to your company’s success. If you want to increase your online footprint, find new ways to engage with your audience, or want to unlock your website’s potential, subscribe to the fourth chapter in our 7 steps guide series that looks at the contemporary role of marketing in a post-pandemic, digital-forward world. Step by step, we share the building blocks of a sturdy marketing strategy that prioritizes branding, communication, and positioning. As businesses reopen and reconsider their efforts, give your company the gift of a marketing guide to lead it into a future full of success and growth. If you are feeling like you need a professional to help you through these digital decisions, we invite you to reach out at [email protected] .


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