Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Dan Dominguez from the Why Institute for their Why Not Wednesday! Series, a LinkedIn webinar. As a newly-certified Why.OS coach, I’ve been integrating my learnings into the rebranding and messaging process at ondemandCMO.


To give you a glimpse into my WHY and personal motivations, here’s my WHY.OS profile:


WHY: I believe success happens when I contribute to a greater cause.

HOW: I simplify and make things easier to implement.

WHAT: I make sense of options and solutions to move forward quickly and successfully.


With over 30 years of experience, I’ve helped companies of all sizes communicate their unique stories to customers through marketing strategy, positioning, messaging, content marketing, channel marketing, lead generation, and sales enablement—utilizing the above as my “superpowers.”


Here are some key takeaways from our discussion. Acquisition, retention, and growth are the three main marketing objectives in business.


  1. Don’t be a generalist. Find your niche:

No one buys from a generalist. Identify your ideal client/customer, their language, and their priorities, and communicate within that context. Remember, “different is better than better!”


  1. The 80/20 rule:

Identify your ideal customer type(s) by examining the 20% of your current clients/customers responsible for 80% of your revenues. Analyze the revenue and profitability from this group. What do they have in common? Use this information to gain insight into the perfect customer/client. Your existing customers are the low hanging fruit. Maintain contact, show appreciation, and provide ongoing value. Ensure your service offerings remain relevant to them.


  1. Lead Generation & Conversion:

It’s crucial not only to generate leads but to attract the right leads and convert them. Develop a targeted marketing strategy to draw high-quality prospects and guide them through the sales funnel. Be wary of engaging in activities without a strategy, over-automating, or being too generic, as this will impact your results.


  1. Sales Enablement:

Trust is vital in sales. People buy from those they trust, so fostering strong relationships with prospects is essential. Sales enablement strategies, like those offered by onDemandCMO, equip sales teams to build and maintain trust with customers.


  1. Merger/Acquisition Transition:

A well-planned marketing strategy is key when merging businesses to ensure the new entity thrives. Proper planning and understanding the overlaps and white spaces of both brands in the marketplace will help businesses successfully navigate the complex process of merging two brands into one.


In conclusion:

  1. Understand your client’s motivations (their WHY).
  2. Communicate in their language so they feel seen, heard, and understood.
  3. Knowing their WHY.os allows you to understand their reactions to you.
  4. Your client isn’t being difficult; they’re just processing information in their way.
  5. Allow your client to be themselves and price your offerings accordingly.
  6. Understand your client, their process, and their needs before setting prices to avoid resentment over any extra effort required based on their work style. You might not be wired the same way. 😊


Happiness and profitability can align. Give it a try, and if you’re struggling, reach out. I’m happy to contribute!



Key Marketing Strategies for Success: Insights from Why Institute's Why Not Wednesday with Monique de Maio






WHY NOT Wednesday! with Monique de Maio


Written by:

Monique de Maio, Founder & CMO