Merger Acquisition Transition - onDemand CMO

We help make 1 + 1 = 3.

When creating a new entity or combining with another, your long-term strategy and operational plans need to be evaluated to ensure that they are still appropriate for meeting your goals.  Something as simple as choosing a marketing automation platform or determining which feature functionalities you provide your customers lead to important, and necessary conversations. How will the customer experience be improved or impacted by your merger or acquisition?

We have navigated many clients through this process and know what questions to ask in order to minimize the pain and increase the gain.  We develop marketing programs to support the organization’s strategic growth plans. This includes brand positioning, key messaging strategies, sales enablement, lead generation, digital and social strategies, support of the omnichannel model, and more.

If you merge two entities into one, call on us to develop a new name, brand identity, a comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy—and killer execution.