Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Companies and organizations are not the only things that need strategic planning and branding—so do people.

Do you know what YOUR personal brand is?

What do you want to be known and remembered for?

How do you want to feel, and what do you want to communicate every day—at work, at home, in your community?

Gain clarity with our Be the CMO of Your Life Program

Our bespoke coaching program will help you assess where you are now, determine what and who you want to be—for yourself and for others, and define the action steps needed to begin creating your future self and the legacy you desire.

This 3-month (or 6 session) process will take you through future planning, assessment and gap analysis, clarity and planning, messaging, and implementation. Each session is one hour. At the conclusion of this program, you will have full clarity on what your personal brand is, as well as the daily work, wellness practices, and life habits you will need to continue developing to support and grow that personal brand.

We review your “Self” from the following lenses :

• Mental/Spiritual Self

• Physical Self

• Family Self

• Professional Self

• Community Self