Marketing Branding from onDemand CMO

Corporate Branding

Many people have different definitions for branding—some think it’s about the logo, others think it’s about the messaging, vision, mission and values. Truth be told, it’s all of those things.

It’s what your company, products and services “stand for”, what is the DNA, what is the “raison-d’être”?. This is why we get out of bed in the morning. To help you articulate, institutionalize and promote your brand essense. Our team has a combined century of experience working with top brands like Adweek Magazines, IBM, Jaguar, BMW, CITI, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers, Intel, among others. We understand industry best practices and can leverage those on your behalf. Ask us about our workshops on this topic or our Brand & Customer Experience Audit (BCEA) and take it from there.

Personal Branding

Companies and organizations are not the only things that need branding—so do people.

Do you know what YOUR personal brand is? Have you given any thought to what you want your LEGACY TO BE?…What you want to be remembered for, be known for, have people think about as soon as they hear your name? Today and in the future?

If this is on your list of goals, let us help you consider the possibilities and discuss what that could look like for you. Then, we also help you develop a strategy that communicates it out to your industry and network.

Many entrepreneurs and founders of companies—from large to small—created their companies with a personal vision, mission, and/or purpose in mind. It’s when they begin to grow that their concerns revolve around their legacy and the strategic planning of that legacy. We help you develop the plan that safeguards the integrity and workability of your legacy, the way you intended it to be.