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Creative B2B Marketing Insights for Developing a Competitive Advantage

I had the pleasure of being a podcast guest on Stephan Spencer’s MARKETING SPEAK to talk about creative B2B marketing insights for developing a competitive advantage. It was great fun! thank you @StephanSpencer #marketingspeak # #b2b#contentmarketing#brand#podcast#sales. Here are a few excerpts from our conversation… When you are selling B2C, it’s a shorter sales cycle. It’s a lot more […]


Why You Should Narrow Down Your Competitive Advantage

Why should your customer buy from you rather than your competitor? The answer to that question is your “competitive advantage”. The product specs, the pricing options, the user friendly interfaces, the service quality, the whatever-it-is that convinces folks to buy from you when they’re in the market for what you’ve got. You might be shocked, […]

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