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If you’re not using video in your marketing materials, what are you waiting for? The engraved invitation came back in 2006 when Google bought YouTube. Video is the most powerful marketing tool ever and it can really maximize your marketing efforts.

When it comes to marketing, video is a force multiplier. “Force multiplier” is a military term than refers to how adding an extra capability to a unit can improve that unit’s combat potential and mission success. Let me share how video acted as a force multiplier for one of my clients.

My client sold Local Area Network (LAN) equipment to businesses and had to overcome several objections in the market to their LAN solutions. This is a highly technical field and the technology can be difficult to understand. Rather than use whitepapers or e-books, I counseled that they use video to share their story and build sales, because where a whitepaper would have been somewhat boring and static, their story came alive with video.

The result was a smashing success for my client. Best of all, the video campaign required very few resources for my client to execute. Here’s how it worked:

We identified several objections to their products in the market and then filmed scripted interviews with key executives where the execs were able to seemingly extemporaneously address the business benefits and sales objections on camera.

To complement the executive videos, we also filmed a few videos using real customers saying why my client’s technology offerings were such a great fit for their respective companies. We filmed people from all different areas of the customer companies (IT, C-suite, etc.), effectively giving my client a library of persona-based marketing materials they could show to prospective customers.

All told we made 12 videos and we kept them short and sweet (30 seconds to one and a half minutes).

Following the COPE maxim (Create Once, Publish Everywhere), we utilized this video asset based in everything.  We posted them on my client’s homepage, we used them in online FAQs, shared them in email blasts, embedded links to them in other pieces of premium content, put links in print brochures, and showcased the videos at trade shows and conferences.

The video library yielded tremendous results for my client and really helped with sales enablement for a hard-to-understand technology. There’s always a place for whitepapers, but in this case, my client was really able to tell their story best using video. How about you—are you maximizing your marketing with video?

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