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Marketing 101 says that customers who buy from you follow a journey of five phases that culminates in a visit (or visits!) to your cash register. The five phases (awareness, engagement, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy) are not new. What has changed however, are the stops your customers make in each of the phases.  You are now marketing to the digital omnivore!

The proliferation of social media and mobile technology brought about the change and you need to adapt to the changes so you can meet your customers—the digital omnivores and omni-channel shoppers—where they are.

Where are your customers? They are on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Foursquare. They are on all different computers, smart phones, and tablets. They move flawlessly from one device to another without thinking twice about it and they expect you to meet them on each of their devices and social networks too.

First step for you is to build a mobile platform. Make sure that your customers can access your website and all its main functions on any device. If you limit your website design to desktop-only, then you severely limit your potential customers. If I want to compare your products and your competitor’s on my phone and you don’t have a mobile website and your competitor does, then guess what? You just lost me as a potential customer, that’s what.

Next, choose the social media platforms your business should be on. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular when people think of social networks, but they are not the only ones around. Think about your products—are they very visually appealing? If so, you may want to try Pinterest or Instagram. Can you show your products with short videos? Then get on YouTube! Do you offer professional services? LinkedIn may be the place for you. Start small with one or two networks and expand one at a time to others.

Once you have your platforms set, you need to create content for them. B2C marketers do a great job of creating compelling content, so look to them for inspiration. Remember the “Will it blend?” campaign? Blendtec made funny videos of their kitchen blenders blending unusual non-food items. SSI Shredding Systems borrowed the concept and makes videos of their industrial shredders shredding everything from cars to pianos to vending machines. Their “Watch it Shred” campaign has gone viral, and several of these videos have racked up millions of views.

For SSI, YouTube is clearly the place to be, but what if your products or services don’t lend themselves to visual presentations so well? What if your products are (gasp!) boring? Not to worry! Enter the infographic! Infographics are a great way to make boring information both fascinating and viral. With an infographic, you can make anything from US debt , personal injury law, online passwords and even garbage disposal interesting. Yes, even garbage disposal is made interesting with an infographic.

So, you want to market to the digital omnivore? Meet them where they are—on their mobile devices, on social media, and give them a steady diet of creative content. That’s all there is to it!

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