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How to Start a Customer Experience Audit

Have you ever seen the show “Undercover Boss”? They disguise the CEO of a big company, and send him into the field among staff who don’t recognize him as a ‘new hire’ for training. The CEO gets to see what the operations on the ground are really like, instead of the rosy or distorted picture […]

Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Marketing Offers Lots of Promises but Few Results

I’ve been hearing this term—neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP—floating around for ages. It seems to keep popping up in marketing and business seminars, blogs, and “once in a lifetime” training opportunities that the internet keeps trying to sell me. Supposedly, Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you market better and succeed personally by “programming” the behavior of yourself […]

Why You Should Narrow Down Your Competitive Advantage

Why should your customer buy from you rather than your competitor? The answer to that question is your “competitive advantage”. The product specs, the pricing options, the user friendly interfaces, the service quality, the whatever-it-is that convinces folks to buy from you when they’re in the market for what you’ve got. You might be shocked, […]